Rebel Fin Co.

Great minds think alike they say, so while we‘ve been designing and developing outdoor clothing made out of recycled fishing nets, our friends at REBEL FIN CO. have been producing other surf accessories from the same material! Wildness is super stoked to announce that we have teamed up with a same spirited surf company which is producing high quality and sustainably made fins, wax, combs and other accessories!

REBEL FIN CO. produces high quality fins made entirely from sustainable materials in a closed loop production system in Germany – which means that nothing goes to waste. Plastic waste is collected from the ocean and beaches, cleaned and processed into raw material (using green electricity) used to produce the very durable and minimalistically designed fins. This system reduces plastic waste, CO2 emissions and results in less consumption of fossil raw materials.

We have received our first shipment from them and it‘s now available in our webshop! We‘ll be offering a selection of fins from their collection, the goal being to offer the nordic surf community more sustainable options closer to home. The first items we have available are:

  • Thruster fins made entirely from recycled fishing nets
  • Longboard fins made from 100% recycled carbon fibre compound
  • Wax combs made entirely from recycled fishing nets

We are constantly growing and evolving and will be offering more sustainable surf products in the future, as well as expanding our selection of REBEL FIN CO. fins in line with demand. If you are as stoked about this as we are, go have a look at our current selection here and make a sustainable choice next time you‘re in need of fins!

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