Who & What is Wildness?

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Wildness, wildness, wildness...Wildness is a Clothing Brand, movement, culture, collective or a bunch of humans who love to surf and shred the mountains, sometimes maybe too much. We are dedicated to create fully sustainable clothing that suits the lifestyle in the mountains, by the ocean and on the streets. Designed by surfers, crafted by professionals with absolute style and durability. Our clothing is 100% environmentally friendly. It's made of recycled ocean plastic waste and organic materials. 


We spend most of our life outside in the mountains or in the waters. Our dream was to make an outdoor clothing brand that was stylish, ethically made and fully sustainable. We want to make something that fits our values and is cut and designed in a unique way. We wanted something that you could wear casually everywhere but can withstand all the outdoor conditions. Something that was made from ocean waste plastic and organic fabrics. Something that was Ideal for Surfers, Skiers, Snowboarders, Climbers, Bikers and all people who share our values and philosophy. We wanted to make this brand for people who care about quality rather than quantity. We hope that Wildness can inspire others to live mindful, conscious and passionate lives and carry on our message through our clothing. 

Responsible design

Our philosophy is to use less, waste less and design responsible and ethical products that are built to last. Wildness products are crafted with high comfort and style. We only use the highest quality certified materials and fair trade manufacturing. We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment, therefore we only make what is needed, essential and well designed. Not only suitable for the outdoors but also for the streets.

Our clothing is mostly tested in the Arctic conditions of Iceland and Greenland. After that we place them for sale with a story behind every product. We collaborate with Kolviður, so that for each product sold they will plant a tree in Iceland to carbon neutralise our company’s shipments. We use environmentally certificated materials like: GOTS and OEKO-TEX.


So who is behind it?

We are a team of surfers, skiers and snowboarders. We grew up in outdoor sports and our education, experiences and dedication lies in the outdoors. Due to that we developed respect for nature and how to use mountains and the ocean as our playground to fulfil our happiness. We learned how to not affect nature in any bad way but instead try to help it. We choose to live our lives mindfully and surround ourselves with like-minded people. We are on a mission to help save planet earth. For us nature is the source of happiness and we have dedicated ourselves to protect it.

Twins Filip and Lukas Polach

Filip & Lukas have been together since birth, literally since they are twins. When searching for the perfect place where the snow does not melt and the winds don't stop howling they ended up in Iceland.  Iceland is the place to surf and ski forever. Sharing the same passion as Víðir they stumbled into each other 4 years ago. After spending a lot of time together since then on expeditions and missions Filip & Lukas decided to invite Víðir to the brand.

Vidir Bjornsson - Co-Founder, Surfer and a Snowboarder. Víðir is a talented and mindful cinematographer. He is deeply in the outdoor movie scene in Iceland and abroad. His experiences in creative work goes from music to visual art. He is running his own production business mostly creating marketing content for Icelandic brands. His values are strongly connected to the environment and nature where he spends most of his time working.

Lukas Polach - Co-Founder, Skier and Surfer. Lukas is an experienced mountain guide and ski patrol. Lukas has been deeply invested in the Wildness brand from the beginning. He has been the creative mind behind some of the projects in addition to working on the clothing essential designs and features.  He studied art school for 7 years but his call to the mountains was stronger than his art career ambitions.

Filip Polach - Founder and designer of the brand, Surfer and a Skier. Filip is a Graphic Designer and an environmental activist. Worked for other outdoor brands as a designer and in sales. Worked for a charity project to support the education system in Nepal. His experience also lies in mountaineering and ocean after spending most of his life just out there.

Worth mentioning is that there are a lot of people in the history of Wildness and it would be a long list to name them all but they know who they are so bless you.

Day to day life

We will be making clothing from recycled fishing nets, plastic ocean waste and organic materials. The idea is to ease up the load that our ocean has to carry and implement it into our clothing. From waste to wear. Planting trees on a tree-less island in the north Atlantic. Live fully and consciously, enjoying the nature and movement. And share the message.

What is happening as you read?

We are currently working on a new collection and working on the development of the brand. We are using the summer, mastering how to run a clothing brand in the way we always dreamed. If you are stoked to be part of it don't even think about it and get in touch with us on Instagram @thewildnessbrand or email.  you want to support us just follow our progress and buy some of our clothing to represent!

,,We choose to reach the summits of the mountains on foot, if possible, to minimising our carbon foot print. For us reaching the summits on our own is way more rewarding and the experience is much richer”

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