Who are we?

This brand has quite a bit of history. It started as an idea between two friends, skier Filip Polach and skater Marek Michalik, but life happened and the idea of the brand drifted apart as the guys decided to follow their separate paths and look for waves and mountains on their own, grow as individuals and look for experiences around the world.
We first had to discover ourselves, then we could continue our dream of having a clothing brand. 
The Wildness brand takes inspiration from the people we spend time with and people we grew up with. All our friends put their minds and hands together to help over the years and helped to create the philosophy of Wildness Brand and develop it into what it is now.
We choose to live our lives mindfully and surround ourselves with like-minded people.
From climbers to surfers, snowboarders, skiers, alpinists, mountaineers, bikers and many more, all the people in these sports have a deep love for nature and would fight to preserve and protect it.
That's where we take our inspiration from.
The dedication, passion, mindfulness and open mindedness of our friends is the  inspiration behind the operation of this brand. We hope that Wildness can inspire others to live mindful and passionate lives and carry on our message through our clothing.
So who are we? just riders, deeply in love with the mountains and waves.

It was a dream of ours to have a brand for long time and with very limited resources and long preparation we decided to make our first collection a reality in 2018. After this experience we developed our second collection, Fjord, which was inspired by the wild Westfords of Iceland, where we choose to spend most of our time.

100% owned and operated by Surfers/Skiers - Brothers Filip & Lukas Polach and brother from a another mother Víðir Björnsson