Our philosophy is our material.

We are on a mission to make clothing from fully sustainable materials.

We only make what is needed and design responsible products that are built to last. The production of fabrics for clothes uses vast amounts of water, natural resources and energy. This contributes to carbon emissions and is harmful to the environment. However, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. Our philosophy is to use less, waste less and design responsible products that are built to last. Products are crafted with high comfort, style, loose, light and breathable.

Made by shreders for shreders.

Responsible marketing and packaging

We do not create wasteful marketing materials, disposable items or deliver our gear in single use plastic bags. In an effort to be as environmentally responsible as possible, all our products are delivered in reused boxes we are striving to be a completely single use plastic free company. In addition we are committed to recycling 100% of the cardboard we use in our warehouse.

Responsible design

One of biggest challenges to sustainability and the earth’s natural resources is our unsustainable level of consumption in the developed world. We are caught up in a make, take, and dispose economy. Our philosophy is to challenge this by minimising waste and making the most out of resources. Our focus is on designing long lasting and durable products. Extending the life of a product is the most effective way to use less natural resources and create less waste. We aim to be responsible for what we create. Focusing on the highest quality materials and master craftsmanship of our production in Beskydy mountains, we aim to extend the life of our products as much as possible to be worn forever.

Day to day life

We choose to live our life by minimising our carbon foot print as much as possible. We choose not to reach the summits of the mountains by helicopters or snowmobiles to not create more unnecessary emissions.
We choose to go up by ski touring, climbing, mountaineering or hiking.
Reaching the summits on your own is way more rewarding in the long run.