Ultrasonic Mouthguard Toothbrush - Black

Ultrasonic Mouthguard Toothbrush - Black

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Are you tired of losing precious time to clean your teeth? Do you want acomplete and healthy oral hygienewithout spending an enormous amount of money on dozens of products which are useless? Ultrasonic MouthguardToothbrush . you no longer have to worry.

One product - complete hygiene!

U shaped mouth design allows you to free your hands when brushing your teeth and improve your living efficiency.All bacteria and food remain will disappear in seconds! No pain . no wasting of time and money.


Highly Efficient

The360° auto clean techniquewill remove all kinds of contamination completely. In only 10 seconds.In addition . the antibacterial effect helps to recover a healthy oral flora. Theultrasonichas been proven toeliminate all kinds of germs.
Three modes: Clean . Massage & Whitening.

Blu-ray automatically turns on when brushing teeth . sterilizes and disinfects the oral cavity . effectively removes dentalcalculus .dentalplaque .andmakestheoralcavityfreshand healthy.

PearlWhite Teeth
Use the 'Whitening' mode for the Cold Light teeth whitening. In-depth and gentle. Daily treatment of 15 minutes will lead to acomplete whitening resultin less than one month.

Ultra Healthy
FDA-approved.The mouth tray is made out ofextra-soft premium silicone. Food-grade quality.Maximal comfortduring brushing . even for thosewith sensitive teeth and gums.

Easy To Use and Waterproof
Simply place the U-shaped mouthguard toothbrush in your mouth and allow a thorough brush to take place.It is designed withflexible 3D micro-channelsto deliver the perfect amount of toothpaste to your entire mouth . and the soft bristles keep sensitive gums safe!

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